Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Logix DDM Terms and Conditions page. This document presents the rules, disclaimers, and limits of responsibility that regulate the usage of the Logix DDM website and our services for all clients. Additionally, it provides significant information regarding our refund policy.

By engaging with this website, you acknowledge and assent to adhere to the principles described below.

Logix DDM Website Materials

All content showcased on this website, encompassing our corporate insignia, header, footer, and landing pages, constitutes the exclusive property of Logix DDM. Unauthorized replication, modification, reproduction, republication, posting, or dispersion of this content in any manner or form is strictly prohibited without prior written approval from Logix DDM.

The “Logix DDM” logo may not be employed in any manner without our prior written consent. Unauthorized utilization of our website’s content may lead to legal action, encompassing both criminal and civil penalties.

Reimbursement Regulations

At Logix DDM, we are committed to ensuring client satisfaction. However, we comprehend that circumstances may emerge necessitating the discontinuation of our services. Our reimbursement policy has been formulated to offer flexibility and fairness.

Ongoing Ventures: In case you decide to terminate our services while your project is still in progress, we will refund the remaining balance of your order on a pro-rata basis, while retaining the payment for work already executed.

Projects Aged 90 Days or More: Projects, irrespective of their status, are ineligible for a partial or full reimbursement if the payment was made 90 days ago or more.

Prepaid Projects: Our prepaid plans are billed in advance on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. In the event of an early cancellation, we extend reimbursements on a pro-rata basis, computed according to the original (non-discounted) service rate. For instance, if you terminate a 12-month plan after 6 months, you will receive a reimbursement based on the original monthly rate for the services.

Refunds will be processed to your initial payment method within 3-5 working days following initiation by our finance department.

Recurred Payment Protocols

Unless otherwise indicated in writing, all Internet Marketing Services offered by Logix DDM will be billed on a monthly or prepaid recurring basis. This encompasses services such as SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Reputation Management, and analogous Digital Marketing services. Certain Web Design and Development projects may also be subject to a recurring monthly payment structure, contingent upon their nature.

Client Input And Authorization

Prompt and active client feedback and authorization are indispensable for all projects. In the absence of feedback for 30 days or by the project’s completion date (whichever transpires first), we reserve the right to maintain the project cost. Clients may be eligible for a partial reimbursement through mutual agreement.

Prerogative to Decline

We retain the prerogative to decline service at our discretion.

Disclaimers And Limits On Responsibility

Client Websites: We accept no responsibility for any damage to client websites or entities. Clients who are dissatisfied with our services have the option to request a refund and discontinue the use of their website. We do not assume liability for data loss or penalties incurred by client websites.

Modifications To Client Website: We advise clients to conduct regular backups of their websites and caution against making alterations without prior notification.

Alterations To Website META Tags: Any changes to website design or META tags can potentially affect rankings, and we strongly recommend notifying us beforehand.

Search Engine Penalties: We are not liable for search engine penalties, as we adhere to white-hat SEO practices.

Web Development Policies: We do not assume responsibility for website damage or data loss. Clients are encouraged to furnish us with user-level access and maintain regular backups.

SEO Activities: We do not assume responsibility for actions taken by search engines or issues beyond our control. By using the website, you waive any claims against us.

Image Use Policies: We exclusively employ legally usable streaming images and refrain from using copyrighted images without proper authorization.

Alterations To Our Terms And Agreements Page

In the event that we make revisions to our Terms and Conditions, we will update this page accordingly. We recommend periodically checking this page for the most up-to-date policies.

Notification Of Amendments

We are not obligated to notify users of changes to our Terms and Conditions. We encourage users to periodically check this page to remain informed about our policies.

Privacy Policies

For detailed information on user privacy, security measures, and the usage of provided information, kindly visit our Privacy Policies page at www.logixddm.com/privacy-policy